Welcome to Ferguson Stained Glass Stepping Stones and Pet Memorials.  We are a small business run from a small Northumbrian village.  We have been attending craft fairs with stained glass items for well over 5 years now, and we have been making stepping stones for many of those years.


Stepping stones are a great thing to place in the middle of your lawn, or in the middle of your flower bed, but normal garden centre stepping stones are so boring.  They are plain and have no life about them.  Stained glass stepping stones have an attractive design set into concrete.  These are really popular in the USA but are not as popular in the UK.


We not only sell these Garden Stepping Stones, but we manufacture them too.  We will often have a stock of stepping stones made, however we may not have the ones you might require in stock.  Items listed in current stock, you will have to ask if we have it before ordering.  However normally we will make these Decorative Stepping Stones to order.  This means that we can make the design to your specifications.  We have many photos in our gallery, however we have made many many more. 
We can also adjust our designs to your own preference.

We also make Pet Memorials using this same method, all the details of these memorials can be seen on the Pet Memorial pages.
Many of the designs on the gallery page can be used with the text on the Memorial, some examples of which can be seen on the Memorials page.



The Stained Glass we use is of the highest quality opalescent. The glass is manufactured in a special way, chemicals are added during manufacture to give the colours. Some glass is available as irridescent, we use irridised white when white is required it looks like mother of pearl. Black will show as black in low light but when sun shines it will show another colour, the colour can be either, blue, red, gold, green or sometimes a mixture of two.
You select the colours you would like, subject to availability.
The Yin and Yang stone (above) uses irridescent black and white.

We don't believe in using quick setting concrete, and we use our own for mula, and hence make the stone incredibly durable.  The time from order to dispatch will be approximately 20 days because of the concrete needing to set properly.  We care strongly about the quality of our product and won't send you the stone before it is ready.

We send our items via Parcel Force, DHL or UPS, well packed, however within Tynedale (area of Northumberland) and the surrounding area, there is a chance that we can deliver the stone at a time to suit you.  For larger orders we may be more prepared to deliver further afield.  If you are in Tynedale or close by and would like to know a price for delivery, please ask (contact us) stating where you are.  We may be able to give you cheaper delivery, depending on location.


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