Our Pets

Sparky and Jasper

Sparky is the bottom one and Jasper is the top one.  Jasper is a Marbelled Bengal, and Sparky is a moggie.  They are both very friendly.  Sparky has just turned one, and Jasper is about 7 months old (when this photo was taken).  They are both very friendly and playful.  We show both of our cats at cat shows.


Jess is always happy and energetic.  She is 6 years old and a border collie.  She is highly excitable and very smart.  She loves to play fetch with her squeeky toys.  She is quite small for a border collie too.



Misty was our cat before he passed away last year.  He was an outdoor cat who enjoyed being outdoors.  He was the inspiration behind our Misty pet memorial.